5 Top Internet Marketing Tips

5 Top Internet Marketing Tips

Internet Marketing Tips & Strategies for beginners

by Steve Hughes

For many Internet Marketers, the sheer volume of information can be overwhelming as you race around trying to piece together your campaign from a variety of sources and utilise strategies advised by various experts.

Its no wonder at times you think its never going to work.

Here are a few guidelines I follow to ensure i don’t get caught up in the trap, and that I remain focused on my primary objective.

1. Set you Primary Objective and “STICK TO IT”.

One Campaign at a time.  Any more and you’ll just confuse yourself.  Especially in the early days.  If your objective is to drive more traffic to your website, then build your plan around that.

2. Use just One Traffic Source / Platform

Once you’ve set your objective, its time to decide which Source, Platform or Network you are going to focus on.   Choose just one.  Again, its all about keeping your strategy and campaign as simple as possible.

A broad, across Platform campaign is everyone’s dream, but its not always achievable.  Focus on being a “Master” of one trade, rather than a “Jack” of all.  Chances are if you talk about using just one platform, people are more likely to believe that is your area of expertise.

Read this article on how I utilised “LinkedIn”.

3. Track and Analyse your Campaign

To ensure that you know what technique is successful and what isn’t its vital that you track your campaigns and get as much detail as you possibly can.  3 tools I use are

  • Google Analytics
  • Google URL Builder
  • Bit.ly (or Any Link Shortening Service)

Open Googles URL builder, and insert the link that you are going to use. You can set variations of the links by adding a number of a desciption, such as “Tweet 1″, “Tweet 2″ etc and then shrink it using bitly.  You can then reference back to the different Tweets that you sent and work out what phrase / link etc is more successful.

Bit.ly also has its own set of stats that you can utilize.

4. Give something Away

To try and entice people to your site, give something away.  Whether it be an eBook, or something off Fiverr.com.  Try and find away to get people to visit your website.

Everybody loves a freebie.

5. Search Engine Optimize (SEO) your Site

The main way to be found on the WWW is through Search Engines, make sure that your website and each article you write are properly optimised.

  • Optimize your web pages with keywords in the page titles, meta tags, headlines, content and URLs;
  • Link your web pages to each other using keywords;
  • Distribute articles and information related to your product or service (article Sharing)
  • Get inbound links from other sites
  • SEO takes time and effort so Keep working at it
By following the above tips and blogging regularly, to keep your content fresh, and engaging with your followers to build good relationships you should be able to see your business grow and develop.
Remember, work hard and be patient.  Don’t get disheartened if it doesn’t work right away.




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