How to use LinkedIn to drive Massive Traffic to your Site

Using LinkedIn to drive Traffic to your website

Exploiting the LinkedIn Traffic Goldmine

by Steve Hughes

LinkedIn is, amazingly, often overlooked by so many when talking about generating traffic from Social Media.  If you explore Forums such as “Digital Point” or “Warrior” then you’ll see that the Social Media Sections are dominated by the usual Favorites such as Facebook, Twitter & Google +

Digital Point Forum: Social Media Section

Digital Point Forum: Social Media Section

Unbelievably, LinkedIn doesn’t even get a look in, even if you scroll down through the main Social Media folders.   The amount of Potential Traffic and Business that is being overlooked is staggering really.

There appears to be a common misconception that LinkedIn is just a glorified Resume or CV site, this could not be further from the truth.

LinkedIn: The Statistics

Before I delve into how to fully utilise this fantastic resource, let’s have a look at some of the statistics, so you can realise just what a potent force LinkedIn, can and will play, in Traffic Generation.

  • LinkedIn has more than doubled in size (OVER 160 million Members) in the past year!
  • One new user is added every single second!
  • 160 Million Active Business users waiting to be contacted.

Pretty impressive eh? Especially when you consider that a large chunk of these users have their own business and are looking for new customers, new ideas, guidance.  That is potential traffic and business to your website.

Setting up and Utilising your LinkedIn Profile

Your profile is the first thing that anyone on LinkedIn will see.   So you need to make it count.

Firstly, upload a recent photograph of you. Make sure it’s a good one.  First impressions count, so no Lads holiday pics ok!!

Secondly, fill in as much of the information as you, a full profile is a good profile.  Doesn’t matter if you’re only just starting out and have changed businesses etc, Honesty is the best Policy.  Add your education, your previous work experience etc.

Now, when it comes to filling in your skills and expertise, this is when you have to make sure your clever.  You need to choose the words or skills that best suits the line of work you are in now.

LinkedIn Skills & Expertise

LinkedIn Skills & Expertise

If your business is based around Social Media Marketing, then make that your skill, then expand on it a little.   If your business is based on Baking Cup Cakes, then your skill set should be based around the skills and techniques used.

LinkedIn Appearances in Search

LinkedIn Appearances in Search

The reason for this targeting, is when someone is searching within LinkedIn, just like in Google, it’s the skill sets that are being searched upon, so this is really important.  Don’t spread yourself too thin, you want to give the opinion you are an expert in your field.  Remember, this is the first line of sight.

Make sure you add your websites of blogs too, your entries will be shown in your timeline.

Getting Connected with LinkedIn

Now you’ve got your profile set up, you need to start building your connections.  The more connections you have, the more your updates will appear on other people’s home page, the more people will be able to view your profile.

If you have 2000 friends on Facebook, 5000 followers on Twitter but only 5 Connections on LinkedIn, your missing out on a massive amount of potential traffic.  Send a Tweet to your followers asking them to connect, update your status on Facebook asking the same.

LinkedIn Connections

LinkedIn Connections

If you’re an active member of Forums such as “Digital Point” or “Warrior” look to try to add your Friends there as contacts also.  It’s very important to get a good base of connections set up before you start joining the Groups.

Ask the people who know you to endorse you on certain skill sets.  This enhances your reputation massively, the more of these you can get the better.   Should you like what you are reading, and would like to endorse me, that would be fantastic, and I will return the favour.

When you do join the Groups and start contributing, then those that you build conversations and relationships with, you can then connect with them as you go along.  The more you connect, the stronger you become, the more authoritative a figure you become.

How to use LinkedIn Groups to build authority and drive traffic

Once you’ve built your profile and established some connections its time to start looking into groups.   LinkedIn Groups give you the opportunity to present yourself as an authoritative figure or leader in your specific market.   It enables you to put your skills in front of people who wouldn’t usually see them.

What you do need to do is select the right groups.   As a free member, you can join up to 50 groups.  But don’t go joining any and every group you come across, you want to make sure that the group is of a decent size, and that its active.

Searching for the right LinkedIn Groups to join

In the top Right hand corner by the search bar, select Groups from the drop down box.

Social Media Search on LinkedIn Groups

Social Media Search on LinkedIn Groups

Type in your keyword… in this case “Social Media” and you will be returned with a total of groups matching this search, the group names, how many members it has, and how active it is.   It will also list the names of the connections you have if they are in the same groups.

Social Media Search Results in LinkedIn Groups

Social Media Search Results in LinkedIn Groups

This is vital information.   It’s so important that any group you decide to become a member of is active, but whats more important are the underlying stats.    

Is it just Active because a lot of people are post links / stories / articles, or is it a properly active group with lots of comments and discussions.   You don’t want to be joining a group where no one comments or reads your posts or articles.. that’s no good to anybody.   You want the users of the group to be actively and readily engaged regularly.

What you’re looking for is a higher number of comments per week than discussions started.

So, from the list above, go into each group, scroll down and the on the right hand side you will see “Group Statistics” click on that.

Linkedin Group Stats

LinkedIn Group Stats

As you can 47 new articles and 407 comments in the last week, which suggests on average each new discussion is getting 10 comments.  That’s pretty decent and definitely a ratio that you’d be looking for.   From these stats you know that you’d be able to communicate well with other users, and that your articles would be picked up and commented on, therefore potentially driving more traffic than a group with a lot lower ratio.

Linkedin Group Stats

LinkedIn Group Stats

Ideally, you’d want to join about 10 groups with similar comments to posts ratio to start with.  I wouldn’t recommend any more than that at the beginning, its a lot to take care of.

Managing LinkedIn Groups & Building your Reputation

When you’ve joined a group, you can’t just go in there and start dropping links to posts you’ve written.  That’s a definite “No, No”.   What I’d suggest is the following.

  • Introduce yourself to the Group – Tell a bit about yourself, your background and what you’re looking for from the group.  It should trigger a few responses.  Make sure you respond to each.
  • Browse through the posts, look to see who the key contributors are, find out who is the most active.
  • Read what they are saying
  • Comment on there posts, try to engage them, ask leading questions to get a response back.

What you are trying to do here is create a good first impression, if you do this right, then you will get noticed.   If you do this for a week or so across the 10 groups you’ve joined, you’ll soon have an impression of who the key people are in each group, and what the main type of posts that are getting the comments are.

Creating your first LinkedIn Discussion

Now is the time to start creating your own discussions.

Again, rather than just posting an a link to an article, try to engage once more, create a post that asks a question or look for an opinion between 2 sets of answers.

Make it to the point and relevant, but also interesting enough that you’ll get responses.  Once more, make sure you respond to each response, either thanking them, or doing a little more digging or challenging their view in the right manner.

You’ll soon create an authoritative presence within the group.

By this time, fellow group users will wanting to know a little more about you, they’ll probably look at your profile and pick up your blog posts from there.   It’s about this time that you’ll start to see the traffic coming into your site.

Posting your own articles on LinkedIn Groups

What you don’t want to do here is post the article to all 10 of your groups.   Be selective, see which groups best match your article, just 2 or 3 first of all, and post the article, along with some comments asking for thoughts, feedback etc.

By now, you should have developed enough of a reputation for others to take the time to read what you say.  Make a note of the traffic flow to your site from these 3 groups.   This is the first indicator of just how useful each group is in providing traffic.

If you get a few responses, again, make sure you respond in kind.  This is also the time to start increasing your connections, now you’ve engaged a few of the more active users, you can try to connect with them.

If successful, any update that appears on your timeline / wall, will now appear on theres.   If they are the major contributors, chances are they will have 500+ connections.  All 500 x (number of connections you have) will now see your article and links.

This is where you can start to see a real surge in your traffic.   

If you stick to these rules and continue to add a couple of groups at a time, following the same principles you’ll soon find yourself with strong following, people will then be looking to you as the authoritative figure and the circle continues.

Summing up LinkedIn

LinkedIn is such a powerful resource, should you utilise it in the right way, it can have a massive beneficial effect on your business.

Following these guidelines should help increase the traffic flow massively to your website.

LinkedIn is often overlooked in some circles when it comes to Social Media, but it really shouldn’t be.

For my site alone, it is the 2nd biggest Social Media Traffic provider.. claiming a staggering 29%.  That’s MORE than Facebook, Twitter & Google+ TOGETHER

LinkedIn Traffic Graph

LinkedIn Traffic Graph

Don’t make the mistake that so many do when they turn to Social Media, LinkedIn is a force to be reckoned with, and one that’s only going to get stronger.

Get in there first.

Look forward to hearing from you.


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