How to Produce an eBook and build your list

How to Produce an eBook and build your list

Making the most of each opportunity

by Steve Hughes – Add me on Facebook

Writing and producing your own eBook isn’t nearly as daunting or as tricky as you think.

I have to admit, I initially thought it was, but I after reading a couple of articles by Steve Scott & LazyCashMakingFormula i decided to have a go at it.

Both articles advise that its really a case of taking some existing information you have and expanding on it adding in more depth and detail.

Very recently i wrote an article on “The Importance of being LinkedIn”.  This proved to be a great success and has received some great feedback on LinkedIn itself, numerous Retweets on Twitter and a good few likes on Facebook.

So, i decided to build on this success and look to get a publication out there.

I added a few more details to the original article, including a chapter on how to link your blog to your LinkedIn Profile so all your connections see your updates straight away.

Firstly, I needed a cover, something professional looking to give off a good instant impression.

Now, as I’m not a graphic designer this was something i was worried about.  However, nowadays help is always round the corner.

How to find a bargain on

After a bit of searching I came across, I’d heard alot about it, but not really had a real look into the range of things on offer.

After a bit of searching i came across K-Man Metal, I looked at some of the designs he’d done and was really impressed.

Sometimes you need to spend a little to make sure you can push on, I’m so glad I decided to spend just $5.00 (£3.14) and get a professional cover done, it certainly made a difference don’t you think

LinkedIn eBook Cover from Kman @ Fiverr

LinkedIn eBook Cover from Kman @ Fiverr

Putting together your eBook

Once you’ve got your title page, add it to your document and combine to create your eBook.  Now, the two sites i mentioned earlier, were both looking to sell there eBooks on either Amazon or “Warrior Forum”.  On this occasion I’m sticking with distributing mine for Free.

The reasons for this, are as follows, I want to expand on what I’ve written so far, and dig deeper into LinkedIn and look at some other areas, such as Paid Ads and LI Answers.

These are more traffic rich opportunities, and by offer this eBook as a freebie to entice more people in, I believe I’ll have a better chance of getting sales if I’m offering more.

Also, seeing as this eBook is an expansion of an article I’ve already written it would be pointless trying to sell it.

Distribution of your eBook and building your list

Make sure that your eBook has links back to your website, especially to your signup page, and then look to distribute.

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Forums etc are all great places to start.

Including writing a blog post about it too.

I’m advertising mine on every page ———–>

Along with a host of other eBooks available in my library to anyone that wants it.

For the first month only though, you can download it right here.

So there you have it, by taking some original material, expanding on it a little you have the content.

By utilising Fiverr you’ve taken that content and giving it a professional edge and you’re up and running.

Hope you enjoy, and signup for more great freebies.

To your success.




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    I’ve downloaded this ebook, its fantastic advice, thank you.

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